Las Palmas bunkering services

Port activity involves an effectively frenetic pace. Swiftly different services under suitable characteristics are required considering also the best guarantees to carry out the intended trajectory. Executing all these operations, properly monitoring the whole process without leaving anything to chance and offering the best conditions are indeed difficult tasks which demand experienced professionals only who may be able to adequately complete the assignment.

Canary Port Services is an agency formed by a highly-experienced team in all port activity duties with a profound knowledge in port business and services requested. These services are provided in Las Palmas and Tenerife, two strategic locations in the main routes of the global maritime transport between Europe, Africa and America. Consequently, they are offered under excellent conditions and high quality in the most important sea going voyages.

Las Palmas bunkering services places at customers´ disposal highly qualified staff with over twenty years’ experience along with great efficiency in the work performed, providing always services adapted to customers´ needs, so that their satisfaction becomes a real fact, with personnel able to face any problem or incident 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, aiming that no issue remains unsolved, or any eventuality unattended; a premium service geared in such a way that every port activity serves as a precision master clock.

The succeed of the tasks performed by Las Palmas bunkering services may be derived from a deep knowledge that its staff has acquired in port terminals, dock works and all areas related to port authorities; these are factors which allow effective   negotiations


achieving very competitive costs to customers. Besides, ships´ lap times are shorter, which encourages their traffic and activity.

Among the various services provided by Canary Port Services, it is worthy mentioned the so called Las Palmas Ship agency, mainly focused on supplying fuel to vessels in port. Canary Port Services Shipping agency provides a quick and cost-effective bunkering service using high quality products. They have got hoses to supply fuel from the dock side, barges to deliver at anchorage and a tanker fleet available in the terminal itself so that supplying takes place in the shorter possible time and using the best means.

Another service provided by Canary Port Services is ship repairing using high quality materials.

Handling formalities with port authorities, working closely together with providers, avoiding delays which cause important loss of money and time as well as assuring effective bunkering services are tasks which can be smoothly executed by skilled professionals only. Canary Port Services accordingly relies on the best team providing always the best results in order that everything runs at the minimum time required with maximum guarantees and reaching its utmost satisfaction.

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